CSIP Certification

Clients base their insurance decisions not just on price and coverage but also on the reputation of the brokerage and the quality of its customer relations. As a Customer Service Representative (CSR), your direct contact with clients places you in an ideal position to retain clients, build the client base through referrals, and cross-sell additional products and services. Add value to the bottom line of your brokerage with consistently high-quality customer service in all market conditions. Gain confidence and new ideas to not only meet but also exceed your clients' expectations.

Who Should Take CSIP?

Newly licensed insurance brokers will find this course an excellent resource. Seasoned employees will find tremendous value in this course as a team-building exercise done in-house.

If you are just starting out and would like more information on the path to become a broker click here.

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How Does it Work?

Work through the program at your own pace with the assistance of a mentor who can provide guidance, usually a manager or owner from your brokerage. This relationship can be as formal or informal as you and your mentor wish. For example, some choose to have weekly study sessions, while other mentors may make themselves available should questions arise.

The end of each module includes a summary and review of the text, including multiple choice and short answer questions. Your mentor reviews your answers to these questions, verifies your successful completion of the module, and forwards the verification to IBAA for certificate purposes. The registration form requires you to designate a mentor and provide their contact information so we can ship the mentor materials.

Upon completion of the first module, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, with a sticker that indicates the module completed, from the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC). For each additional module successfully completed, you will receive the applicable sticker.

Price per Module: $185/$350


Module One: The Role of the Broker

8.0 CE credits for General, Accident & Sickness, and Life licenses

  • Define client service
  • Develop excellent telephone and communication skills
  • Learn proper business etiquette

Module Two: Adding Value to Your Brokerage

8.0 CE credits for General, Accident & Sickness, and Life licenses

  • Master selling skills
  • Improve communications and negotiations with clients

Module Three: Brokerage Operations

8.0 CE credits for General, Accident & Sickness, and Life licenses

  • Review office procedures
  • Understand the impact of work flows on customer service, errors and omissions, exposures, and efficiency

Module Four: Industry Issues

8.0 CE credits for General, Accident & Sickness, and Life licenses

  • Understand the causes and consequences of errors and omissions from closed claims cases
  • Identify areas of special concern (e.g., fraud, claims)