Our Story

The Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta (IBAA) is a not-for-profit association representing more than 85% of eligible insurance brokerages within Alberta. IBAA member brokerages are located in 160 communities across the province and employ almost 5,000 Albertans.

We believe that consumers are best served through insurance brokers. Our member brokers are identified by the purple stylized symbol wrapped in a blanket that represents their dedication to insurance consumer protection and trust.


Our association is dedicated to inspiring, enhancing, and empowering insurance brokers.


To be an engaged, innovative association ensuring brokers are the forefront of our industry.

Where We Started

The IBAA started in 1926 as the "Insurance Agents Association of Alberta" (IAAA). The few insurance brokers in business at the time came together to network, discuss common issues, and lobby on behalf of brokers.

What We Do

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Work with government representatives and industry stakeholders to ensure the voices and needs of our member brokers and the insurance consumers they represent are being heard on a provincial and national level.

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Deliver quality, affordable, and accessible insurance education.

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Provide business support, personal benefits, and insurance products designed to strengthen our members’ businesses.

Our Values

We maintain a province-wide network of brokers and industry stakeholders who actively support grassroots community sustainability and development through their work and charitable initiatives.

We encourage our staff and community members to maintain a high degree of professionalism at all times.

We are committed to developing creative solutions to help improve our members' businesses, the insurance industry, and insurance practices.

We demonstrate leadership in relationships, practices, advocacy, professional development, and technology while we collaborate with members, stakeholders, and those outside of our industry.

We embrace diversity, welcome individuality, and believe in promoting positive change within our community. We listen to others and value different perspectives.