Education Policies

The sections below provide an overview of IBAA education policies. Inquiries about courses or policy can be directed toward our Education Team at or by phone at 780-424-3320.

All registrations for IBAA courses must be completed through our website. All courses with a defined start date have a register-by date. This date will vary course-to-course, but all courses will close at most one week prior, and at least two days prior to the course start date. If registration for the course you're interested in is closed, you must contact the IBAA Education Team to have the registration completed manually. The IBAA reserves the right to deny any late registration request.

Regardless of the register-by date all courses with a defined start date (webinars, immersions, etc.) have a registration deadline of one week before the first day of class. Any request to change or cancel your registration after this date will be subjected to an administrative fee of $25.

For any non-member registrations where payment has not been received as of the deadline date, the registrant will be contacted for direct payment. If payment is still not received same-day the registration will be cancelled.

Any IBAA course that is considered "ongoing" (Self-Study, Recordings, etc.) is not subject to any registration deadline penalties.

To transfer to another upcoming course or change the registrant you must reach out to the IBAA Education Team. Requests to transfer or change your registration made prior to the 1 week registration deadline will be completed without penalty. All requests made after the registration deadline will be subject to a $25 administrative fee. Transfers and changes can only be made to like courses (webinar to webinar, CAIB to CAIB, etc.). The transfer fee must be paid in full before any transfer or change will be completed.

Transfer requests made after a course has started will be rejected. You will be required to complete a new registration. CE credits will not be issued until the $25 transfer fee has been paid in full. In the event that you are not eligible for a transfer, a CE certificate will not be granted.

To withdraw from an upcoming course you must reach out by email to the IBAA Education Team. All requests made prior to the registration deadline will be met with a full refund. All requests made after the registration deadline but more than two business days prior to the start of a course will receive a full refund less a $25 administrative fee. All requests made after two business days from the start of the course will not be eligible for a refund.

Textbook returns can be made up to 60 days from the initial registration date. If the book is returned still in its plastic wrap, unopened, and in good condition (e.g. no rips, tears, folds, ink, major marks, etc.) a full refund for the amount of the textbook (refer to self-study pricing) will be granted. Any text materials not originally provided by the IBAA in a plastic wrap will only be measured on their condition upon return. All textbook returns made after the 60 day cutoff or where the text is in poor condition will be returned to the owner and no refund will be given.

For our Litmos-based online courses, refund requests made within two business days of being granted access to the Litmos tool will be met with a full refund so long as the student has not completed any full modules. Any request for refund made after two business days, or completion of a full module will not be granted.

Refunds will not be granted for part or whole missed classes without an acceptable reason provided. If class is missed for any reason, it will count against your CE eligibility. Refer to the Passing Grades & CE Credits section below for more detail.

IBAA reserves the right to cancel any course. Registrants will be notified of the cancellation one week prior to the scheduled course start date. Registrants can choose to transfer to another course or to obtain a full refund. Transfers can only be made to like courses (webinar to webinar, CAIB to CAIB, etc.). Students will have one week from the original course start date to transfer into an alternate class or a refund will be issued (see Withdrawal and Refunds section above for more detail).

Payment for all IBAA courses and events is the responsibility of the event registrant. If IBAA is unable to collect the outstanding payment from the registrant, IBAA will pursue the matter with the member brokerage that employed the individual at the time of registration.

All non-members registered for any IBAA course must pay for their registration in full no less than one week prior to the course start date. If payment has not been received at that time, the non-member registrant will be contacted to make payment immediately. If no payment is made the registrant will be removed from the course and not able to attend. Additionally, course material of any kind will not be provided to until payment has been made in full.

CEs can be found on your profile by going to ‘Manage Profile’ and then ‘Professional Development’. CEs will only ever be granted to individual member' accounts, not company admin accounts. You must have a personal account on our website for us to properly attach CE certificates.

Reasons you may not see your CEs:

  1. You do not have an account
  2. You are signed into the wrong account
  3. Someone else registered for the course on your behalf and we could not locate your account
  4. You did not attend the required amount of the course to earn CEs (see CE Eligibility below)

To earn CEs for a course registrants must meet the following attendance or grade requirements:

  • For single day courses registrants must attend the entire course (with a 10 minute leeway on attendance records).
  • For multi-day courses of four days or less registrants must attend each class for the entire duration.
  • For designation courses, if registrants do not earn CEs from the attendance, they can earn CEs with a minimum score of 50% on the adjacent exam.

CEs for any individual course can only be earned once per student over a three year period.

All Licensing exams will be written through the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC). Policies surrounding these exams can be found on theAIC website.

These policies apply to the following courses:

  • CAIB (Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker)
  • CPIB (Canadian Professional Insurance Broker)
  • CCIB (Canadian Certified Insurance Broker)

All designation exams must go through an approval process before registration is complete. The exam must be paid for in full and a suitable proctor must be submitted and confirmed before approval is granted. Approval will be completed 1-3 business days after these conditions are met. All exams are closed book.

Separate registration is required for all designation exams and must be submitted online through our website. All exam registrations are subject to an approval process. This process will require payment to be made, and a suitable proctor to be nominated. Any requests for changes or cancellation to an existing exam registration must be sent by email to the IBAA Education Team.

Date changes will be met with no penalty.

Cancellation requests made prior to the exam being approved will be refunded in full. Cancellation requests made within 90 days of registration, but after being approved will be refunded in full less a $50 administrative fee. Cancellation requests made 90 or more days after the date of registration will not be eligible for a refund. Any registrations still unpaid after 90 days will be cancelled, and you will be required to register again if you wish to write your exam. Registrants are not eligible for a refund once they have written the exam. The IBAA reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis.

All CAIB exams are written through our online platform hosted by Captus. Exams cannot be written outside of business hours. Online exam registrations must be submitted at least 14 days prior to your intended write date.

All CPIB and CCIB exams are written in a physical format. Exams may be written on any business day and the student must submit an eligible proctor. Written exam registrations must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the intended write date.

Suitable proctors and locations must be arranged by the student in order to be approved for exam registration.

Proctors must either be one of our pre-approved virtual proctors (online exams only), or a professional proctor service local to the registrant. The registrant is responsible for any fees the proctor may charge.

Exam locations are flexible—a registrant may write wherever works for both themselves and their proctor.

The standard exam fee is only applicable during the first attempt of any CAIB or CPIB exam. All subsequent attempts will be charged the reduced 'Rewrite' fee. A registrant may choose to rewrite any CAIB or CPIB exam for any reason under the same conditions as a 'Standard' registration.

A student may only attempt any individual CCIB exam a maximum of 3 times before the student must start fresh and pay the full amount again.

All Designation exams will be marked withing 1-3 weeks from the write date. All marks will be posted on your profile under ‘Manage Profile’ and ‘Professional Development’. Designation exams (CAIB, CPIB, and CCIB) all have a minimum passing grade of 60%.

CAIB only—in the event that a registrant scores between 55-59% your exam will automatically be sent back for a remark with a second marker. If the registrant scores below 55%, but would like it to be remarked there will be a fee of $100. Exams can only be remarked a maximum of two times. The highest overall mark between all marks and remarks will be considered your final grade.

Any requests to remark a passing grade will incur the $100 fee.

CCIB only—If a student fails the final exam three times, their previous grades will be ignored and they must start again from the beginning.