Media Toolkit

Below you’ll find a collection of guidelines and brand assets curated to ensure all IBAA stakeholders and industry partners get the most from their partnership with us. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or are interested in partnering with the IBAA, please contact our communications team. If you’re a media representative looking to connect with us for an interview, please reach out to our CEO, Jhnel Weller-Hannaway.

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The Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta is a broker-centric, community driven professional association dedicated to improving the lives of insurance brokers and their clients. We serve our community through three channels: advocacy, education, and professional support. We believe in community, integrity, innovation, leadership, and respect—it is important to us that our partners interact with our brand with that in mind.

Logo Colours

  • Hex: #8D2E85
  • RGB: 141, 46, 133
  • CMYK: 0, 67, 6, 45
  • Hex: #F05423
  • RGB: 240, 84, 35
  • CMYK: 0, 65, 85, 6
  • Hex: #58585A
  • RGB: 88, 88, 90
  • CMYK: 2, 2, 0, 65
  • Hex: #94C83D
  • RGB: 148, 200, 61
  • CMYK: 26, 0, 70, 22

The three people within the IBAA logo represent the three channels mentioned above. In order to keep this visual connection to our brand, our logo must be displayed with the three people visible at all times. We also ask that partners never warp our logo while resizing, and ensure it is as legible as possible by using the white or black versions below if the main colour version isn't readable.


2018 BIP

In 2018 IBAC launched an updated bipper. The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada has prepared a website to include all BIP usage guidelines as well as some sample media for use or examples. Visit the site now to download copies of the BIP and familiarize yourself with its intended use. Feel free to use up your printed material with the old bipper as the transition is meant to be gradual.

BIP decals, pins, and other items for purchase can be found in the IBAA member store.


Click here for a shortcut to the BIP guidelines document.

BIP Samples

Below you can find sample usages for the BIP, but to download a copy for your own personal use, we ask that you visit the official site by using the button above.